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slowlife jewelry in Moscow

Hi, I'm Mila Yavetskaya! Welcome to my website! For more information check below. Feel free to ask me any questions via whatsapp or telegram (view link below).

Hi, I'm Mila Yavetskaya!
I love what I do. And seeing people enjoy the result of my work is what makes me happy and complete.
At the moment, my Instagram account @base_notes and this site are in Russian (and the prices are in Russian roubles). This is the only page which has the English version.
You'll find here jewelry photos of decent quality. The materials are described in both Russian and English.
Just to give you the big picture: the jewelry prices are from EUR 16 to EUR 32, international delivery costs are approx. EUR 6, and delivery usually takes 10 to 15 business days.
Feel free to contact me in English or French through Whatsapp or Instagram direct @base_notes.
Thanks for visiting, I hope I'll hear from you soon!

I'll be there for you!
Mila Yavetskaya
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